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Some slowdowns on my road…

The beginning of this year my training went well. In Feb I needed two weeks pause, because my doctor wanted to put Durolane medicine to inside my left knee. After that I had terrible flu and it took the time. Now the knee is okay and the flu is over. About two weeks ago we Read More »


I am back….

Hey everyone, I have written here last time in June 2016. Now I am back. My goal is to update my blog regularly. The end of year 2016 and year 2017 went great. I trained very well and my health is good. I will compete again this year. See you here. Train hard! All the Read More »

Upper body

@ METAL Gym, Juva Finland Dumbbell incline bench 3*20 Dumbbell decline bench 3*20 Lat pulls straight bar 1*20 Lat pulls V handle 1*20 Chest supported row 1*20 Rear delt 1*20 Biceps curl machine 1*20 Dumbbell biceps 1*20 Tricep push down 1*20

Light morning..

@ METAL Gym, Juva Finland Dumbbell incline bench 3*10 Lat pulls straight bar 1*10 Lat pulls V handle 1*10 Chest supported row 1*10 Rear delt 1*10 Biceps curl machine 1*10 Dumbbell biceps 1*10 Tricep push down 1*10

Dumbbell decline bench

@ METAL Gym, Juva Finland Dumbbell decline bench 10*10 / 1*20 / 1*30 Lat pulls straight bar 2*10 Lat pulls V handle 2*10 Chest supported row 2*10 Rear delt 2*10 Biceps curl machine 5*10 Dumbbell biceps 3*10 Tricep push down 3*10


@ METAL Gym, Juva Finland Leg extension 2*20 Hip abduction exercises machine 2*20 Glute ham rise 3*5 Squat 10*5 Lower back reverse 1*10 Lower back bench 1*10 Double arm swings with kettlebell 1*10 Pull down abs 1*10 Pull down abs one leg front 2*10 Crunch 2*10 Side rotations 2*10 Side crunch 4*10 Leg raises 1*10