METAL Gym Franchise

The METAL Gym Franchise is very different from other traditional gym franchises. METAL Gym is a gym facility that fits inside any gym, fitness center or gym franchise as its own department. METAL Gym Franchise departments or fitness centers come in many sizes and levels. All the METAL Gym Franchise facilities are being sold on the web pages, based on the level, service and size of the facility.

The first METAL Gym was started in Helsinki in 2000. METAL Gym became a facility where you can practice hard also with free weights. All levels of trainees can do their best on their skill level. The high quality and wide range of racks and equipment of METAL Gym make that possible. In addition to free weights it is possible to adjust the resistance with resistance chains and bands. Also kettle bells, grip strength tools and “strong man” tools are part of today’s METAL Gym equipment. From the very beginning METAL Gym achieved a huge, worldwide “strength” reputation because of the success world wide of Ano Turtiainen and Finnish top class powerlifting champions, and also through organizing several international powerlifting happenings in Helsinki in the years 2001-2005.

METAL Gym customers’ individual facility records in lifting from squats, bench presses and deadlift have been booked and updated since the year 2000. The name lists of record achievers hang on the walls of the facilities and can be found also on Later the records have been also caught on videos, and the videos have been linked to internet name lists. A lifter may lift a world record at any of the METAL Gyms. The METAL Gym record lists have become so popular and high-level that some sports magazines have been publishing them.

The thing that adds atmosphere to the METAL Gym facilities is “hardcore” style of decorations with spot lighting and noise effects. The audio system includes computers with internet connections which enables the customers to play music through, for example, YouTube. The audio system gives the customers staggering experiences to train hard with their favorite music playing in the back ground. In the area for free weights the customer can him/herself both choose the music and control the volume any way he/she desires.

The METAL Gym facilities are also well suited for cross training –type of practice, and this has increased enormously worldwide. The goal is to equip the METAL Gym facilities with high quality and versatile equipment for all kinds of sportsmen, both for strength and speed.

Feel free to contact us, let’s make your gym more diverse and known, with the help of the METAL Gym division.

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