VaakunaMETAL is a Finnish trademark that was registered in 1997.

The company operating under this trademark creates, produces and sells powerlifting gear, recreational gear and gym training equipment. Part of the company’s profile includes the promotion of powerlifting and related events. There are also gyms in Finland under the METAL umbrella. METAL retailers may be found around the globe in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, UK, New Zealand and Finland.

The company’s main product is powerlifting gear, of which a wide range is available for both competitors and practioners alike. There are about 40 products in total, among them lifting outfits for various types of sports, shirts, belts, support tights, wrist and knee supports, socks, etc. Registered gear is available for both amateur and professional organizations.

METAL recreational clothing consists of a wide range of products from leather jackets to baseball jackets to denim clothing, sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Gym equipment is custom made for specific orders. Aparatus design is engineered toward durability and application. Our machinery and aparatus range consists of lever equipment, pulley devices, power training equipment and all kinds of aparatus’ used in powerlifting. Demand is highest in specific and unique power training devices/aparatus’, which are utilzed by both powerlifters and those athletes which train with cutting edge methods also in their power periods.

METAL products are recognized around the world as being of very high quality, durability and specifically suited for the task they are designed for.