Año Turtiainen

Año is the best known Finnish powerlifter in the world. Año started competing in 1989, and he represented the Finnish national team in international competitions for the first time in 1992. Año has competed in international IPF and WPC/WPO powerlifting alliances. In addition to Finnish championships he also has five European championships and six world championships in IPF/WPC/WPO alliances. Año has achieved several world and European records in powerlifting, of which one is still in effect, the WPO world record in deadlift, 405.5 kg in under 125kg class. He also won the highly regarded WPO money league first Heavy Weight class finals in 2002, which were organized at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic event in Ohio, USA.

Año owns the METAL trademark, which he has drawn and created himself. He operates as an entrepreneur with the METAL SPORT group both in Finland and in the United States. The company designs, produces, markets and sells METAL SPORT leisure garments, powerlifting gear, powerlifting racks, fitness accessories and equipment. The METAL Gym chain of fitness centers and organizing international sports events is also part of the METAL SPORT group.

Best Results

Squat 1102 lbs 500 kg
Bench Press 678 lbs 307,5 kg
Deadlift 894 lbs WR 405,5 kg WR
Total 2612 lbs 1185 kg

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Some Pictures

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