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Writings by Mr. Turtiainen himself.

In the morning – squat and deadlift..

Light squat3*5*60 / 2*5*80 Light deadlift “gorilla style” 5*60 / 5*100 / 5*140 / 1*180 / 1*190 / 1*200 / 1*210 / 1*220 Leg extension 5*5Calf raise 5*5Pull down abs 1*20 feels good.. in the evening speed bench..

coming back..

Hey! After 2010 injury, my knee was operated three times and my ankle one time.. two weeks ago my doctor said “knee and ankle are very strong, but knee is so rigid” so, now I must train a lot about everything which help my knee.. I have trained well my upper body during last half Read More »