Competition season is about to start!

In the last post i made i was talking about trying to push for some heavier weights. That didn’t really work out well. After new year i got ill and as i had set my mind on a really big deadlift i didn’t want to take any breaks from training. This was a bad mistake.

I started doing deadlifts with bands as soon as i got better and i ended up tweaking my back quite bad. Thankfully this didn’t really effect my event training too much as my back only hurt when i lifted anything off the floor like you would do on a normal bar. Still this injury set me back a couple months as i had to rebuild my deadlift.

I have mostly been focusing my training on the events for Finland’s Strongest man competition ever since they were announced as it is going to be my first competition this year. The competition will take place on 12-13.5.2017 in Lahti.

The events for Finland’s Strongest Man are

Qualifying events:
Wheelbarrow push+ loading 110+130kg sandbags
Log for max
Conan’s wheel 200-220kg for distance
Deadlift for max

Final Events:
Hercules Hold
Truck Pull
Pull up style arm over arm pull
Stones 110-150kg

Out of these events the worst one for me is probably Conan’s wheel but i do feel confident that im going to do fine on it this year. The injury actually may have worked for my favor as i haven’t been able to train events heavy so i started doing them with more emphasis on cardio. I honestly feel like this year i have a really great chance of winning the competition!

After Finland’s Strongest Man i am probably going to compete in around 6-10 competitions during the summer. I hope all the work i did in the winter will pay off as i really want to prove myself this year as even with the injury i managed to get some good lifts done this spring.

On video here is a 175kg push press and a 325kg post injury deadlift. I guess i could say that rehab is going well!