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Thoughts on Finland’s Strongest Man and upcoming competitions.

Thought i would write this after the competition got shown in Finnish tv. I’m not going to go into too much detail but all in all the competition didn’t quite go as i expected it would. I knew i needed to do good in Conan’s wheel in order to have a chance at winning and Read More »

Competition season is about to start!

In the last post i made i was talking about trying to push for some heavier weights. That didn’t really work out well. After new year i got ill and as i had set my mind on a really big deadlift i didn’t want to take any breaks from training. This was a bad mistake. Read More »

Its time to start building serious power

Just a quick update on everything Offseason training has gone really well. I have managed to increase my strength alot while working on more endurance. I split my workout like this. Monday Presses and upper body work Wednesday Deadlifts and other pulls with back accessory work Friday Squats with olympic lifts Saturday or Sunday Event Read More »

Recent competitions

So i had a few competitions since the last time i wrote here so i think i should do a small recap. At the end of august i had Pieksämäki’s Strongest 2016 competition. The weights weren’t too high here as it is supposed to be a somewhat “entry” level competition. I ended up winning 5/6 Read More »

Some thoughts about last competition and upcoming ones.

I haven’t written anything in here for a while as i haven’t had much to tell. I’ve had some smaller competitions during the summer but i dont feel like those need to be adressed as much as the big ones do. I had the SCL Finnish Open competition at 6.8 in Ylämylly Joensuu. This competition Read More »

Finland’s Strongest Man competition.

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since i last wrote anything but now after Finland’s Strongest Man competition i felt like it was time to write about the competition itself. The Qualifying events were 400kg Wheelbarrow push for 20m Rope pull from overhead weight 160kg? Log press for max Sandbag loading 2x150kg Final Events House Read More »

Some talk about recent competitions.

Hello everyone. I was supposed to compete in Pori on 24.4 but i was ill so i couldn’t compete there. The next competition was supposed to be on 21.5. I got what seemed to be NORO-Virus on 16.5 so i was really sick for the whole week. I had almost 39 degrees fever and needless Read More »

Preparing for Finland’s Strongest man competition.

I was supposed to compete in Pori over a week ago. Sadly i got ill and i couldnt compete there. I am still recovering from the flu so i decided to write about my plans for upcoming competitions. So the events i need to do well in next few competitions are Log for reps or Read More »

Lakeuden vahvin

Hello again! Last weekend i had this competition in Seinäjoki. I wasnt supposed to compete there at first as i was supposed to have work that weekend, but as it turned out i didnt have work so i just thought to myself “meh , why shouldnt i”? The events for this competition were: Farmer’s walk Read More »

Turku’s Strongest Man competition.

Hello everyone. My first competition for this year was on 26th of march. It was the first competition in a series of 4 within finland , also known as ” Finlands strongman cup”. At the end of each of these the best finnish competitor gets an invitation to compete in august at Finnish open competition Read More »