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High quality METAL powerlifting shoes without heels.

The soles of the shoes are firm and the heel is stamped with the ‘METAL’ ‘logo. Velcro and lace fastening.

The best powerlifting shoe in the markets! Very high quality manufacturing! Real leather!

Leather 67%
Rubber 30%
Polyamid 3%

Please contact the seller before placing an order to check the correct size (

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5 reviews for METAL Powerlifting Shoes

  1. MB (verified owner)

    Writing a brief review because reviews for this shoe are scarce.

    I primarily pull sumo in competition (alternate to conventional in training) and have tried a plethora of shoes including Mark Bell’s Crossfit Lite TR, wrestling shoes, converse, and vans to name a few.

    These shoes are by far the best shoes I’ve deadlifted in. The sizing is a bit confusing so you need to measure your feet (outlined my feet on a piece of paper and measured with ruler) and email Metal to figure out your sizing—but once you do get the proper fit these shoes are awesome.

    The main issue I had with the Reebok Crossfit Lite TR was that the toe box was far too wide for my average width-ed feet which created problems when I was deadlifting. For my sumo pulls I forcefully thrust my hip downward (similar to Dan Green) in order to rip the floor apart and screw my hips outward. With the Crossfit shoes because of the supersized toebox my feet would slide around inside the shoe and sometimes throw off my pulls. For this new iteration of Metal shoes they increased the size of the toe box, but luckily it’s not to the degree of the Lite TRs. There is some room for lateral movement in the toe box, but it’s very minimal (almost negligible) and once I lace them up tightly as well as tighten the lateral strap my feet are immobilized.

    These shoes were snug at first, but after a few workouts began forming to my feet to provide considerable support and stability. The Reebok Crossfit Lite TRs do however have amazing grip on the ground so I was skeptical about the traction Metal shoes would provide because of the way the tread looked in pictures. However after pulling near maximal attempts and higher rep sets multiple times in the Metal shoes I found that the grip was at the very least on par with the lite TRs, which speaks wonders.

    The other shoe I was debating was the Sabo Deadlift shoe, however the opinions of others whom I know personally veered me away from it. From my understanding the sabo deadlift shoe is more or less just a wrestling shoe with lateral straps and I was seeking something more substantial and of higher quality so I went with Metal.

    Just for clarification I am not endorsed or sponsored by Metal and I’m just speaking strictly from an anecdotal standpoint. I genuinely feel that this shoe will last me for many years to come and could not be happier with my purchase. Though the price is seemingly steep, I believe these shoes are well worth the money spent. Don’t look anywhere else, the end all be all deadlift shoe is here.

  2. marcicantor (verified owner)

    I could not be happier with my purchase. I am looking forward to deadlifting in these. They are very comfortable. I looked into a variety of shoes including the Sabo Deadlifting Shoe and Otomix and felt that these were the best.

    I wore them for the first time yesterday. I deadlift both Sumo and Conventional.

    • Ano Turtiainen

      Thanks for your feedback.

  3. DaVid BROWN (verified owner)


    I was emailing back and forth making sure everything was right. measured my foot gave the measurements and received the suggested size to order!! Thanks to the tracking provided i was notified that they arrived at my post office. i then darted over to the post office to pick them up. i tried them on in the lobby. THEY FIT LIKE A GLOVE! IF I COULD, I WOULD HAVE WENT TO THE GYM RIGHT THEN AND THERE TO TEST THEM OUT.. but it was back to work instead -_- .. i am impressed and super excited. Thank you again and truly appreciative of your time, patience and excellent product!!


    • Ano Turtiainen

      Thank you for your feedback.

  4. Nate W (verified owner)

    I outlined my foot and measured it then sent them a picture. They replied early the next day with sizing. Their suggested size seemed a bit small to me (based on size chart/my measurements etc). However, I figured they are the experts and I ordered as suggested. The size was dead on.

    The shoe itself was not 100% comfortable the first time I put it on and laced it up. I had a bit of a bump on my left heel that didn’t feel good and another spot on top of my right foot. However, these shoes are real, high quality, leather so they will mold to your foot a bit. After wearing them a few times and walking around in them they now fit perfect and the grip is just flat amazing. I pull sumo on a hardwood platform (with rubber on the sides) and with that mid foot strap locked in and a good lace on these shoes my feet don’t budge at all. I feel 100% confident pushing into my feet and the platform. I switched to these from what was basically a cheap chuck taylor and I’ll never go back. As an added bonus I set a new 5 rep PR yesterday.

    • Año Turtiainen

      Thank you for your feedback.

  5. Stefan

    These shoes are great. Waited for about a month until doing the review, during which time I exclusively trained in them. I actually got them because I was looking for flat heel stable shoes to squat in and needed the metatarsal strap.

    They are really great for all lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, OHP). After a few training sessions they will conform to your feet and provide a very stable base, very similar to weightlifting shoes. The toe box is generous too, without being too wide.

    The customer support was excellent and I also received them in a little more than a week from ordering. Be sure you get your feet measured and confirm with Metal what size you really need, don’t just order based on what you usually wear.

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