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New METAL Jack bench shirt is designed on the basis of Ace shirt.

The collar is wider and there are many sturdy seams on the front panel making the shirt more functional.

The angle of the sleeve and front panel causes the shirt to work all from the chest to lockout position.

Select your shirt size so that the sleeves are tight.

The shirt is easy to adjust and “jack up”.

Dress-up is also easier because of the bands on the back of the shirt.


“I’ve worn a lot of bench shirts over the years and I can say unequivocally this is the best one I ever put on.”
Vincent Dizenzo

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1 review for METAL Jack Bench Shirt

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    I got my sized 54 Metal Jack in last week, and other than the color (hate orange, wish I could get it with red or black sleeves) I could not say enough good things about this shirt!!! It feels so insanely strong it’s ridiculous. I cannot imagine ever blowing out this shirt.

    I hit a PR pretty handily in my very first session in this shirt and have every expectation that trend will continue. I was a double denim guy for years, and I really thought my Radical Cut Inzer Double Denim was a monster of a shirt (and it is very good) but this Metal Jack blows my Inzer away, I feel confident in saying.

    I don’t know how they did it, but it seems like Metal has somehow figured out a way to both make it easier to touch a given weight than with a denim, yet give plenty of punch out of the bottom and give more support throughout every part of the lift (where denim tends to stop doing anything about halfway through the lift, or so.)

    I could not be more impressed. I’ve got a meet in 13 weeks, and I’m very happy I’ve got that time to train in my new Metal shirt. I’m a convert.

    • Año Turtiainen

      Thank you for the feedback.

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