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METAL is the leader of the pack when it come to quality, support and carry over. Now they have taken the Ace cut and designed and applied to to squat briefs.

Get ready for your squat to EXPLODE

These briefs are No Joke! You have never felt anything like this before. As you squat down the briefs help to push your knees out. This is because of how the material and been designed.

This brief goes further than ANY OTHER brief on the market. In the past, manufacturers have all looked at different materials and cut. But, as METAL found out this is only part of the process.

The material has to match the cut.

BUT the way the thread pulls is also very important. The front of the ACE brief has its threads pulled vertical. This allows you to sit back and not be pulled hard across the front. The back of the brief uses a different material blend and has its threads pulling horizontal for maximum rebound.

When this is combined with a crotch design and a much thicker material than the old Pro Briefs you are left with a brief that actually pushes you back and your knees out as you squat down.

This brief locks you into a perfect squat position. When it is all said and done here is what you get:
– Extra High Belly Cut so you can lock the brief in with your belt.
– Support you have NEVER felt before.
– Crotch designed for medium to wide stance squatters.
– Material designed to force your knees out keeping the bar weight under your center of gravity
– Double leg lock to prevent hip slipping.
– A huge carry over

While we feel anyone can use this brief (as long as 2-Ply is allowed in your federation). This is best used with the METAL Ace squat suit.

METAL Ace Briefs In Action

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