METAL King Pro Deadlift Suit


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The KING material is thicker than the METAL Viking and Original material. The suit gives more starting power off the floor when pulling conventional. Suit will work better when the suit is tight from the thighs. The METAL King is a single ply suit and it comes with Velcro straps for a fully adjustable fit.

From Matt Kroczaleski
The King pops the weight off the floor just as well as the Metal Pro Deadlift suit and the adjustable straps are great. I like the fact that it is tighter in the quads (which saves your nuts) but overall is comfortable and loose. With these straps being adjustable you can crank the straps down as hard as you want and you never have to worry about weight gain/loss affecting the fit. Overall two thumbs up, seriously. I can’t think of one thing that I would change.

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I like it. A lot. The material/leg design seems to solve the problem of the original suit–the flaw of the crotch/legs riding too high when you tighten the straps. To work best, I’ve found that you need the legs low..with some gap in the crotch…and then have the straps super tight (the suit will ride up in the crotch when the straps go up)..

This new suit left the legs low–and in place–no matter how tight the straps are placed. This made it almost impossible to grab the bar…but it gives ridiculous spring off the floor.

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