METAL Jack Deadlift Suit


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The strongest deadlift suit for conventional style on the market. The suit comes with velcro straps that makes it more adjustable and consistent.

This suit is made out of the same fabric blend as the Jack squat suit.

The legs are turned out more and shorter.

The pull of the suit is up through the front, making it easier to fall back into the pull.

If you have problems at the start of the deadlift, you can set the straps tighter providing more starting strength.

The shorter legs reinforce crotch support, which directs you backwards while staying upright, which will greatly help your lockout.

Great For…
Breaking Conventional Deadlift PR’s
Pulling Against Bands
Reverse Band Pulls
High Pin Pulls
Directing Road Traffic
Big Game Hunting

Not So Great For…
Beginners or novice lifters
Pulling while standing on blocks
Benching (yes we’ve had people ask if they can use these Jack suits as bench singlets)
These might look like wet suits but we strongly suggest you do NOT swim in them

This suit is BEST used for breaking conventional deadlift personal records.

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