Finland’s Strongest Man competition.

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since i last wrote anything but now after Finland’s Strongest Man competition i felt like it was time to write about the competition itself.

The Qualifying events were

400kg Wheelbarrow push for 20m

Rope pull from overhead weight 160kg?

Log press for max

Sandbag loading 2x150kg

Final Events

House Pull arm over arm

Boat Deadlift Last man standing

Conan’s Wheel

Stones 110,110,150,150,200

Qualifying day:

I did well on the wheelbarrow push. In the warmup i felt a little bit unsure of how it will go as my lower back didnt feel too good. I ended up finishing second on this event.

Because of my limited range of motion on upper back i knew that the rope pull from overhead will be a difficult task. I tried to cheat as much as i could on this with using my whole body and i think i did well enough for this.

On Log press i only managed the starting weight which was 120kg. I messed up completely with balance and everything for this and i still feel ashamed for it. All the hard work i put on last winter didnt help me at all here as i could have done 120kg on the log the year before aswell. This has to change, i need to put on more raw pressing power to stop these kind of things from happening.

Sandbag loading went well enough for me. I didnt practice this as much as i would need to as i dont like this event too much. But now i know where my weaknesses lie and i will be putting more work on these types of medley events.

Final events:

I did as well as i could on the house pull. I dont have the equipment to really train this anywhere so i think i did well enough for the amount of practice i’ve put into this kind of event.

Boat Deadlift was brutal. It was a reverse pull and the lockout was really tough for this. I almost didnt get the opening weight of 250kg up but i somehow managed it. I changed my technique abit and found that if i get it above my knees i can hitch it up quite well. I got split second place on this event with a 300kg pull.

Conan’s Wheel didnt go too well. These types of events that require more fitness haven’t been my thing at all. As i have said before, this has to change.

Stones went well enough, i got third place here and managed the 110kg and 150kg stones. Nobody lifted the 200kg stone as the diameter for it was MONSTROUS. It was absolutely massive.

I ended up finishing the competition on 4th place out of 13 competitors.

End results were:

1. Niko Vesterinen
2. Andreas Ståhlberg
3. Roger Karimus
4. Jesse Matilainen
5. Topi Ovaska
6. Veli-Pekka Kauhanen

You can watch competition in all of its glory on 3.7 at 14:00 on YLEtv2.

Here is a video made of all my events.

On a sidenote, i have already started working more on rep work and cardio. I guess we will just have to wait and see how this HIIT-Training will effect my fitness on certain events. I just wish i could do more training with strongman implements for the summer but unfortunately i cant.

I have next competitions coming up on 2.7, 23.7 and i will use those competitions as a way of practicing the events for the Finnish Open which is on 6.8.