My Crazy Life – I Love It

This month has been crazy busy.  I have so much going on, it is hard keeping up.  Everything from dance recitals, tennis lessons, chorus concerts, field trips to end of schools awards is all happening this month.  It makes it tough to get my workouts in so that I will be ready for this meet on May 30.  But if you want something bad enough, you find a way.   It would of been easy to just skip something or skip a workout, but I refuse to do either of those.  This often means giving up some free time on the weekend to get my training in.   But what am I really giving up on the weekend to workout?  If I did not go to the gym, I would probably be sleeping in then sitting on the couch watching TV.  After church today, me and dad grabbed a quick bite for lunch then went to the gym.  I had my best deadlift ever and pulled 160 easy.  It took us about two hours to get the whole workout in but still made it home in time to spend time with mom on mothers day and go swimming.  With everything going on, I still have missed a workout and will be ready to have a great meet.  I also haven’t missed any of my activities outside of lifting.  I love being busy and love my crazy life.