METAL Orange Catapult

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Are you looking to build your lockout? The METAL Catapult can help!

It replicates the feel of a bench shirt but is FAR easier to get in and out of!

If you are looking to transition from raw to shirted lifting, the Catapult is a great intermediate step. Also, if you find yourself on the road or without a training partner and are unable to use a shirt, the Catapult is a great substitute.

In tests, lifters who used the METAL Catapult reported excellent results and user experience.

Incredibly helpful for RAW bench training that focuses on the shoulder, the METAL Catapult emphasizes the eccentric contraction of the press.

In fact, in testing, the Orange model helped RAW lifting by approximately 60 kilos.

The product also adds a new dimension to pullups, lat pulldowns, dip, etc..

The only limit is your imagination..

50 kg – 80 kg, Size S-M
80 kg – 110 kg, Size L-XL
110 kg – 140 kg, Size XXL-XXXL
over 140 kg, Size XXXXL

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  1. Timothy Leasure (verified owner)

    Great overload device! Have used other brands and by far yours has outperformed them by a mile!

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