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Final Bench training before Worlds

warm up Bench bar x 5 95 x 5 135 x 4 155 x 3 185 x 2 (raw opener) slingshot 225 x 2 255 x 1 shirt w/ reverse band 315 to 3 board x 2 405 to 2 board x 1 455 to chest 2 x 1 Raw 3 bd press 315 x Read More »

Accommodating resistance for raw squats

Most people into powerlifting these days know about the popular methods of Westside Barbell for increasing the total in multiply powerlifting gear. Accommodating resistance is one of the most often used methods by the famous club. The differences that powerlifting equipment bring to the lifts has created much confusion with people interested in the method Read More »

High speed bench press Julia Vins

High-speed bench press

Bench press 20 kg*12 30 kg*12 35 kg+16 kg bands*3 40 kg+16 kg bands*3*9 latissimus on simulator 12*7 sets lifting dumbbells in the slope 25 kg*12*6 sets biceps curl 18*12 20*12 30*12 concentrated lifts (biceps) 18 kg*15*5 press dumbbell sitting 9 kg*12 10kg *12*5 Standing dumbbell shoulder swings 5kg *12 reps 8kg *12 reps 10kg Read More »

Old Age Takes a Strong Back

Think being strong is only for the young? Becoming weaker through the years is in fact a choice. Our societies in the West have come to a major challenge as the demographics of the population turn to older and older. The number of young people in relation to older people is decreasing, meaning that society Read More »