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Squat 20 kg*12 40 kg*10 60 kg*8 80 kg*5 100 kg*4 120 kg*3 140 kg*3 160 kg*2*1 160 kg*2*2 Gear (straps down) 160 kg*2 180 kg*2*2 Deadlift 60 kg*3 100 kg*3 120 kg*3 Gear (straps down) 130 kg*1 140 kg*2 150 kg*1*3


Box squat with bands

Box squat with bands 20 kg*12*2 20 kg+50 kg bands*5 40 kg+50 kg bands*3 20 kg+60 kg bands*3 40 kg+60 kg bands*3 50 kg+60 kg bands*3 60 kg+60 kg bands*2 70kg+60 kg bands*2*9 deadlift with reverse bands 90 kg *5 110 kg*3 130 kg*3 140 kg*3 150 kg*2*3 160 kg*1*2 squat smith machine 50 kg*12*3 Read More »

Julia Vins box squat

Box squat with bands

Box squat 20 kg*20 20 kg+40 kg bands*5 40 kg+40 kg bands*3 20 kg+60 kg bands*3 40 kg+60 kg bands*2 50 kg+60 kg bands*2 60 kg+60 kg bands*2 70 kg+60 kg bands*2 In this attempt, I felt a sharp pain in my hip, which lasted all exercise. I had to put a foot narrower 🙁 Read More »

Julia Vins box squat

Speed squat

Squat 20 kg*12 20 kg+40 kg bands*5 20 kg+60 kg bands*5 40 kg+60 kg bands*3 55 kg+60 kg bands*2 75 kg+60 kg bands*2*11 sets Deadlift 50 kg*5 90 kg*4 120 kg*1 120 kg+15 kg bands*1*6 sets Grip training 50 kg*4*4 60 kg*3*2


Squat and deadlift

Squat 20 kg*12*2sets 50 kg*8 60 kg*5 80 kg*5 100 kg*4 110*3 125 kg*3 140 kg*2 Gear (straps down) 160 kg*2 180 kg*2 190 kg*1 200 kg*1 Deadlift 60 kg*3 90 kg*3 100 kg*2 120 kg*1 140 kg*1 150 kg*1*2 130 kg*2

Competition “Iron Bull”

This event was in my town Engels. Powerlifting is not developed here… There were very few girls. And in these competitions, I only use gear. Warm-up was very easy. If you do not take into account the fact that I started it as early as 7 am 😀 I really had no luck, because the Read More »

My experience of using a single-layer gear METAL

It has been almost a year after I first tried to train with gear. I have accumulated some experience, which I wanted to share with you. The first and most important thing that I realized: 1. In order to achieve great results in equipping powerlifting, you need a lot of training with equipment. To make Read More »