Gometal Powerlifting Meeting

Our friend Markus Auvinen opened the new METAL Gym to Helsinki in this summer and it made it possible to test new METAL products there. In last tuesday 11th August, we invited few Finnish powerlifters to train and test new METAL products, Pro bench shirt, M single ply bench shirt, Mystical deadlift suit, Slim fit singlets, Orange wraps and catapults. The meeting was great and the new products worked well. It was nice to meet and train together with so many lifters in the same time. Big thanks to Kalle and Emma Ylitalo James, Rami Haaparanta, Toni Haaparanta, Kalle Räsänen, Marianna Kosonen, Kari Kalliola, Jarkko Forss, Jakke Rajala, Mikko Matikainen, Aleksi Hiissa, Arttu Wahlström, Iiro Huhanantti, Markus Auvinen, Mika Auvinen, Janne Minkkinen, etc..