IPF approved fees 2015 part 2

Hello all,

First I want to thank all who are participated in this previous discussion and expressed their views heretofore.
> IPF approved fees 2015 part 1
We have got very much feedback for this issue. Also IPF has reacted now first time. The secretary of the IPF has resigned. He was handling that issue and was very aggressive and rude for the manufacturers.

I want to be honest and tell, if we manufacturers pay to IPF these fees, the lifters will pay these in last hand.

We manufacturers (Titan, METAL and Inzer) has discussed in this issue. Maybe METAL is ready to pay same way than last year (about 13,000 EUR / $17,000 + racks 4000 EUR) but not 41,000 EUR / $65,000. The Inzer has not answered anything yet and I think they will look what Titan and METAL will make. The biggest importance is what Titan does, because they sell most to the IPF markets. I hope that Titan would have to agree with us, what we pay to the IPF. If Titan will pay full rates, it will be off from you all lifters. And of course, manufacturer who pays a lot to IPF, their all products include the IPF fees, so also all lifters from outside IPF will pay also the IPF fees.

You all lifters who use Titan, Inzer or METAL, you can affect now, what you will pay in the future. Together we (Titan, METAL and Inzer) are very strong vs IPF and you all lifters can affect it. Contact us or write to this page, Facebook or Powerlifting watch site.