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Bench Record Breakers

07.12.02 Bench Record Breakers Best lifters: (in Rechel points) 1. Mikko Hämäläinen 259,78 points 2. Petri Sirkka 239,59 points 3. Lars Nyblin 239,52 points Pictures Results     Body Mass BENCH   TOTAL RBC POINTS CLASS NAME   BP1 BP2 BP3 BP4       OW90 Rantanen Tarja 87,50 135,0 145,0 152,5   152,5 1,436 Read More »

Bench Record Breakers

08.12.01 Christmas Bench Record Breakers Event was very successfull, though many famous lifters weren´t able to lift because of injuries and illnesses. Janne kymäläinen, Riku Kiri, Mikko Hämäläinen and Ano Turtiainen were watching the competition and stimulating the other lifters The gym was full of people and the atmosphere was very warm and tight. In Read More »