2015 APF Gulf Coast Powerlifting Meet

Our friend Rick Lawrence and his awesome team organized the powerlifting meet in New Port Richey, Florida in last saturday (April 25). I had decided earlier that I will compete in this event, so I drove with my family to the New Port Richey. The competition went well and it was nice to meet again Florida’s powerlifting people.

The last two months I have not been able to train as hard as I would have wanted, because I had pain in my left buttock, when I do max squat or deadlift, but despite this my goal was to pull little bit over 800 lbs in this event.

Friday was weigh in day and I did not eat anything before the weigh in. Bodyweight was 124,2 kilos. Rick asked me, how old I am and it was funny, I not remember if I’m 47 or 48… Also my wife Minna was not a sure how old I am 😀

In saturday, I pulled in last group. First lift was easy 325 kilos. After that I felt again a little bit pain in my left buttock, so then I knew, I can pull only one time hard and then I must rest about three weeks. So I wanted to load 370 kilos 715 lbs on the bar. The pull was ok… little bit pain after the lift, so I passed third lift.

Thank you all who was in this meet. It was nice to compete there.

My daughter Mimmi took pictures of the event..