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competition! Yes … I again took part in the competition in my city to the last was hoping that everything will be fine. My weight was 65 kg. We came to the competition with the team. Began to warm up. It was very cold. We are a very long time to warm up, _ using Read More »

Julia Vins box squat

Box Squat with bands

Box Squat with bands 20 kg*12 20 kg+30 kg bands 20 kg+65 kg bands 40 kg+65 kg bands 55 kg+65 kg bands 65 kg+ 65 kg bands *2*9 Deadlift 50 kg*1+20 kg bands 80 kg*1+20 kg bands 80*1+40 kg bands*1*5 training Hamstring ABS training reverse hyperextension


WPC Worlds / WPO Semi Finals in Togliatti, Russia

01.11.07 – 04.11.07 2007 WPC Worlds / WPO Semi Finals in Togliatti, Russia WPC Worlds bench results WPC Worlds powerlifting results WPO Semi Finals results Pictures Videos