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These wraps are designed to use on forearms. Wraps heal the pain in the elbows area while training. Wraps also makes better grip power. Different between the wrist wraps and forearm wraps is that the velcro is different position on forearm wraps than wrist wraps. If you use the wrist wraps on your forearm then the velcro is not at the right place. Loop of the wraps makes the wearing easier. You can also tie easy a cold bag with this wraps if injury happens at the gym.

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    Brian (verified owner)

    I am a novice powerlifter and only recently began to need to need serious wrist and forearm support. I had been using a neoprene multi-sport strap purchased at a local sporting goods store which was beginning to not cut it. I purchased these based on Metal’s excellent reputation for quality.

    I was surprised to find them waiting for me in less than 4 days while only paying for USPS standard delivery. Like a kid on Chrismas I put them on immediately.

    The constuction is excellent and the fit is superb although I would like to see a larger section of fastner. The hook section is fine but a slightly larger section of loop would increase the functionality 10 fold.

    I am pleased with these and I would highly recommend them.

    • Ano Turtiainen

      Ano Turtiainen

      Thank you for your feedback.

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