It was our first time, but not the last, in Baku, we had heard that the City is awesome and it is true, Baku is interesting and even more beautiful than we thought. The competition place, 5 stars Kempinski Hotel Badamdar Spa and conference center was excellent, all people kind and service fantastic. Aladdin Aliev and his staff made a huge job, thanks for them and also special thanks to Sara Abassova, she was very polite and helpful before and during the competition. It was also great to see all of our friends from other countries, we got also a lot of new friends. The WPC country heads made great job bringing so many lifters.

The finnish team was small, but very succesfull, 5 lifters, Jarkko Forss, Allan Jokinen, Marko Lempinen, Tapio Laine and Ano Turtiainen. All of the them won gold, Tapio and Ano made world records. Jarkko, Tapio and Ano got also best lifters trophies. Thanks also for the coaches, Kalle Räsänen, Anna and Robert McCloskey, lifters are lost without good coaches.

It was also great to see, that every countries have the same goal, to make the WPC stronger. Me and Ano hope to see you all in November at the WPC Worlds in Florida!

Minna Turtiainen