METAL Bash Bench Shirt

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2 ply revolutionary open back polyester bench shirt. It will give you an incredible amount of power off of the bottom and it will helps your lift all the way up. Other manufacturers don’t have the same kind of bench shirt.

Special Highlights:
– Two ply for great explosiveness off the chest to lockout.
– The arm angle is ideal for lifters with longer shoulder to elbow measurements.
– Velcro back for locking the shirt in.
– Reinforced neck or collar for that extra pop of the chest.
– Has a 3-4″ “touch spot” to accomodate varied grooves.
– Long, tapered sleeves to allow for twisting the sleeves to help with the lockout.

“I have believed on this shirt since I used it first time. I made my new PR, it was 35kg more than my latest PR!”
Ano Turtiainen

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