METAL PRO Bench Shirt

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Newest METAL PRO bench shirt is designed on the basis of Jack bench shirt. The model and sizes are like in Jack bench shirt, but the 3 layers of the material are not laminated together and there are no extra seams on the front panel, this gives huge rebound from the chest. The collar is thick and it is 4 cm ( 1,3/4 inches ) wide. Because of the angle of the sleeve and front panel, the shirt works all the way from the chest to the up position. Select your shirt size so that the sleeves are tight, so the shirt will use all the features. The shirt is easy to adjust and easy to lift, back panel is made with velcros. Dress-up is also easier because of the bands on the back of the shirt. This shirt is available in Original and King material. Original material is stretching a little.

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48, 50, 52, 54


King, Original


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