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Do not skip squat day!

Recently I made an experiment with deadlift training. I have been always training my deadlift as secondary to the squat, and it has always worked well for me. My squat has been my relatively best lift, and the deadlift has always followed the squat with an about 20 kilo difference, meaning a 200kg squat and Read More »

Accommodating resistance for raw squats

Most people into powerlifting these days know about the popular methods of Westside Barbell for increasing the total in multiply powerlifting gear. Accommodating resistance is one of the most often used methods by the famous club. The differences that powerlifting equipment bring to the lifts has created much confusion with people interested in the method Read More »

Dave Tate’s Interview

You don’t become an expert in strength training without devoting your life to the practice. Dave Tate is the owner and CEO of elitefts™, a premier name in the strength industry that provides both education and top-level products to athletes of all kinds — but that’s not all Dave is. Dave has earned his name Read More »

Harri Peltomaa

Harri Peltomaa, a Finnish Strongman and Powerlifter interview

Harri Peltomaa is a high level Finnish strongman and powerlifting athlete. He has achieved many things in both sports, for example the under 105kg Finnish Championship, competed in Strongman Champions League and placing 7. In 2013 he competed in the United Strongmen under 105kg World Championships and placed 3rd . In powerlifting he has WPC Read More »

Old Age Takes a Strong Back

Think being strong is only for the young? Becoming weaker through the years is in fact a choice. Our societies in the West have come to a major challenge as the demographics of the population turn to older and older. The number of young people in relation to older people is decreasing, meaning that society Read More »

Training Frequency in Powerlifting

If you are visiting, you most likely like to train a lot. You want to lift the biggest weights possible with the equipment you have, and be physically in great shape. We have all heard the words “no pain no gain”. We all have a training schedule, that is our vision for progressing. In Read More »

Introduction to the blog of Mr. Nyman

Hello, I am Samppa Nyman, a powerlifter and strength trainer at heart, having been involved in the sport of powerlifting in all of its forms from organizing to competing to spectating. My involvement here in is to provide the strength training community with up to date information regarding all strength sports, especially competing athletes Read More »