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Personal weightlifting blog of Julia Vins, the Russian Pretty Powerlifter.

Julia Vins Bench Press

Bench Press | Жим лежа

Bench Press 20 kg*20 30 kg*10 40 kg*5 50 kg*5 60 kg*3*3 sets 65 kg*3*3 sets Bench in slingshot 70 kg*2 80 kg*2 French press dumbbells 12 repetitions * 3 sets Cable Tricep Extension 20 repetitions * 3 sets Seated Dumbbell Press 15 repetitions * 6 sets Standing dumbbell shoulder swings  LATERAL 15 repetitions * 10 sets FRONT 15 repetitions * 10 sets Biceps curls with dumbbells 30 repetitions * Read More »

Julia Vins box squat

Box Squat with bands | Присед на ящик с лентами

Box squat with bands 20 kg + over 100 kg bands x5 repetition 30 kg + over 100 kg bands x3 50 kg + over 100 kg bands x3 65 kg + over 100 kg bands x2 78 kg + over100 kg bands x2  x4 sets Box squat sumo style 50 kg x15 x2 40 Read More »

Julia Vins's Blog

Welcome to my new training blog!

Hello. My name is Julia Vins. I’m 17 year old Russian girl and I just starting my career in powerlifting. I’m so happy to be a part of the METAL team! Thanks Ano Turtiainen for this opportunity. On this blog I’ll tell you about my training in powerlifting, about my training program and exercises.  Here Read More »