Its time to start building serious power

Just a quick update on everything

Offseason training has gone really well. I have managed to increase my strength alot while working on more endurance.

I split my workout like this.

Presses and upper body work

Deadlifts and other pulls with back accessory work

Squats with olympic lifts

Saturday or Sunday
Event training

I would do 3 increasingly “heavy” weeks and then rest for a week.

For example a usual event training day would consist of:

4-5×5 log press with all reps from the floor.

Farmers/frame medley with either a metal barrel sandbag or something to carry or drag for 4 sets.

Arm over arm or yoke or Farmers holds/tyre flips for 4 sets.

Sandbag loading or carrying for distance usually 4 sets of loading or carrying for 40m a set.

Most of the work was done within 60-80% range with few exceptions of when i tried to go for a max.

Now i am going to start working for more strength while trying to keep the endurance i gained this autumn. I really feel like i am going to be a serious contender next year if i stay healthy and don’t get injured. Literally every event just feels super strong right now.

Here is a short video of the clips i have. Shame i dont have more clips of event training. Merry Christmas to everyone!