Recent competitions

So i had a few competitions since the last time i wrote here so i think i should do a small recap.

At the end of august i had Pieksämäki’s Strongest 2016 competition. The weights weren’t too high here as it is supposed to be a somewhat “entry” level competition. I ended up winning 5/6 events here and winning the whole competition. I used to live in Pieksämäki and i like competing there as i know alot of people there. I wish they keep hosting this event there the upcoming years.

At the start of september i had the United Strongmen World Championships in Hämeenlinna. I didn’t have big expectations here on my own performance as i had only just started training hard again for the METAL Nutrition Strongman Open. But i was suprised of how well i did. I ended up finishing in top 3 in most of the events and ended up winning the competition. I got tested by WADA right after the competition aswell from both Urine and blood. I got negative in both. This is my choice to stay natural as i want to prove to myself how strong i can get without using any. I dont have to prove it to anyone else. Just me.

Then there was the METAL Nutrition Strongman Open:

It was a shame there were only 3 competitors here as the competition was very well organized and the events were good.

The events were

Loglift for Max :
The log used in the competition was really thick. I think it is about 13.5″ thick. I had never even pressed 130kg on a log like this before. I am very pleased to say i got to a new pr of on this log. I lifted 145kg here and i was very happy about that.

Deadlift for Max (suits , straps and hitching allowed as is usual in strongman):
I seriously dont know what happened here. In my wildest dreams i thought that maybe i could do 355kg this day as i haven’t done heavy deadlifts in a long time. I got upto a HUGE Pr of 372.5kg. And this lift gave me hope that there might be still more in the tank as i was so quick off the floor as i got it moving. It literally exploded over my knees and then got to a sticking point.

370kg Super yoke for 20m:
I did this in little over 12 secs. I dropped it once as i felt a searing pain in my back for a second. It must have been caused by the amount of weight lifted that day as it hasn’t hurt since.

Hercules Hold:
I didnt really get to hold this as i tore a callus in my right hand about 2 seconds into this so it was impossible to hold on to the weight.

160kg Husafell Carry for distance:
If i remember right i managed to carry this for about 47 meters. Which was a new pr for me so i guess it’s safe to say i was happy with it.

Atlas stone for reps:
I didn’t do much stone training for a while as i didn’t have alot of tacky left. I knew i had the power to be able to lift the stones a few times. My endurance let me down here as i was ready to quit after 4 reps but thankfully the crowd cheered me on and i got the 5th rep.

I finished 3rd in this competition out of a really tought lineup.

1. Rauno Heinla
2. Eero Rantanen
3. Jesse Matilainen

Right now i have started offseason training which to me means alot more rep work. Lower weights and abit more cardio. I will post an update of my training sometime around December i guess.

Till Next Time!

Ps, heres a pic of the 372.5kg lift. The quality sucks but its the best i could do!