Some thoughts about last competition and upcoming ones.

I haven’t written anything in here for a while as i haven’t had much to tell. I’ve had some smaller competitions during the summer but i dont feel like those need to be adressed as much as the big ones do.

I had the SCL Finnish Open competition at 6.8 in Ylämylly Joensuu. This competition probably wasn’t too hard as the events really weren’t that tough. But the competitors were really strong.

The events were as followed :

FOREST MACHINE PULL / DISTANCE 10M ( using harness )


FARMERSWALK / SHIELD WALK MEDLEY (115kg, 170kg. Distance total 50m)

CAR DEADLIFT FOR REPS ( site handles, 335kg)


FORREST LOG´S LOADING ( 100kg each / 5 objects)

I dont want to go into much detail on the events. I did somewhat ok on most of the events and only really failed in log press in which i couldn’t do a single rep. I’ve had some troubles with my left shoulder but i hope that is getting better now that i have been doing alot of rehab work on it.

I finished the competition on 11th place out of 12 competitors and i wasn’t too happy about the result. I felt like i had the strenght in me to do better, but i guess i had been pushing myself in work too hard so i just felt powerless on the day. This competition will be shown on finnish tv during september.

Next up i got 3 Competitions left for this year. I dont have much time to prepare for the first 2 but i will try to push myself hard for the 3rd one.

The competitions are:

Pieksämäki’s Strongest 2016
United Strongmen World Championships ( Tested under wada)

I got a little over a month to prepare for METAL NUTRITION competition. And i will try my hardest to do well there. I have planned my training so that i will be doing 3 Gym workouts in a week including Strict press, push press, deadlift and squats. And on one day i will do events that will only Include the events on the competition. I feel like i have been training wrong for past year or so now just doing whatever event training i want to.

Now i am going to pick a competition that i feel like i want to do good in and force myself to practice those certain events while adding some of the other events here and there. I dont want to waste my potential when i know i can do better. This winter i will try to push myself even harder than the last one , but most importantly i will try to do everything smarter.