Some talk about recent competitions.

Hello everyone.

I was supposed to compete in Pori on 24.4 but i was ill so i couldn’t compete there. The next competition was supposed to be on 21.5. I got what seemed to be NORO-Virus on 16.5 so i was really sick for the whole week. I had almost 39 degrees fever and needless to say i had alot of trouble to stay hydrated for the week.

I ended up feeling better on friday so i decided to compete there. The competition was Heavy Events Finnish Strongman nationals. It is a drug tested competition and WADA takes care of the testing there. Even after not feeling too well for the week i managed to get second place in the competition.

These clips were taken a few days before i got sick with the stomach flu. I tried to do 3 reps with 142.5kg on the log and attempted to front squat 240kg for a new PR. The squat was abit high so i dont think it counts but im still very happy it does seem like i am getting stronger!

28.5 I had the last competition of Finnish strongman cup in Imatra. This competition was the heaviest out of all competitions in Finland for this year so far. And i dont think any of the upcoming competitions will be tougher.

The events were:

1. Super yoke: 400kg, for 20 meters
2. Silver Dollar Deadlift: last man standing. starting weight on 320kg,
3. Carry medley; Farmers walk 137kg 20m and “iron cross” carry 170kg 20m.
4. Loading event 20m sandbag 150kg + 20m tyre 130kg.
5. Log press 130kg for reps
6. Atlas stones 110kg, 130kg, 150kg, 170kg, 190kg, 215kg

I won the first event with a time of 13.9 seconds which is pretty good. I placed for split second place on 2nd event. On the carry medley i managed to drop the iron cross on my foot. I had severe pain on my foot for the rest of the competition as my foot got quite swollen. I didnt do too well on the last events but i am happy that i could complete the competition and not drop out completely. Even with the injury i managed to scrape together enough points to place second in this competition.

Next competition will be Finland’s Strongest Man in 2 weeks. I am looking for a top 6 finish there for this year.