Preparing for Finland’s Strongest man competition.

I was supposed to compete in Pori over a week ago. Sadly i got ill and i couldnt compete there. I am still recovering from the flu so i decided to write about my plans for upcoming competitions.

So the events i need to do well in next few competitions are

Log for reps or for max
Wheelbarrow push
Conan’s wheel
Carry and load events
Truck pull
Arm over arm pull

So right now my plan is to keep training simple. I intend to do atleast 2 event workouts every week if i feel recovered enough. I have to keep a close eye on recovery now as i have Finland’s strongest man competition coming in 5 weeks. I will probably do:

Day one of training would be deadlifts , farmer’s walk, front squats.
Day two is going to be log pressing and some assistance work.
Third day will be Conan’s wheel and front carry training.
And last workout of the week would be more event training , depending on which events i feel like i need to improve on.

Right now i have more than enough power to succeed , all i just need to do now is work on events to be able to succeed in this years competition.