Setting Goals for October Meet

In three weeks we start our training cycle for the Southern States Meet in October.  I am very excited and we all have been setting goals for this meet.  Setting goals can be hard.  You don’t want to set them so high that you cannot reach them but you also don’t want to set them too low or you won’t push yourself.  Me and my dad have been talking about them and I have finally set my goals for this meet.  I want to squat 160.  My best meet squat has been 120 but I have hit 140 in the gym.  I just need to really work on staying back on not getting forward.  My bench goal is 95.  The best I have done in a meet is 75.  And I want to deadlift 200.  My best meet deadlift is 175.  I think it would be cool to break the 200 pound mark.  When I reach these goals my total will be 455.  Now that my goals are set, it is time to get to work.  And their is a lot of work to be done before October.