My experience of using a single-layer gear METAL

It has been almost a year after I first tried to train with gear.
I have accumulated some experience, which I wanted to share with you.

The first and most important thing that I realized:

1. In order to achieve great results in equipping powerlifting, you need a lot of training with equipment. To make your technique performed well. This is important because you need to learn how to use your gear on full force.
Otherwise, if you exercise without equipment, and then want to maximize your results with the help of suit or a bench shirt, then maybe it will end in failure.
That is why many people say “Costume for deadlift does not add weight on the bar”

2. If you are constantly training RAW, your mental and physical peak has a certain limit. If you have no additional training and you start using gear, it is very difficult to immediately adjust to the weight +20 +50 +100 kg (especially in the squat).

3. Auxiliary exercises. When you exercise with gear, you will immediately become clear what you have weaknesses. Then, you always train with weights large enough compared to powerlifting RAW, and thus easier for you to understand what needs to be fixed.
For example, for you especially difficult final phase of the bench press (using the equipment)
Then you know exactly what you additionally need to work on your triceps strength. In RAW powerlifting this rule works too, but not so obvious.

4. Training become more hardcore. When you exercise with the use of equipment, your workouts become more severe and hardcore. Not to mention that equipment competition more spectacular and emotional. Passions is much higher. And watching at the equipment competition is much more interesting (do not take into account the top lifters)

Gear – is the choice of strong people. People who are willing to hardcore. Not for those who like to just go out and do all approaches without emotion and effort.

Last week I made a personal record in the deadlift – 205 kg (with of skirtings 8 cm) in a single layer suit METAL king sumo 🙂 My bodyweight 65 kg now.

Julia Vins METAL

Julia Vins METAL