APF-AAPF Orlando Barbell Florida State Meet

End of last year I decided, I will compete in deadlift many times in 2015. My friend Brian Schwab organized the APF powerlifting Florida state championships in Orlando and this Brian’s event was my first competition in 2015. It was very nice to compete there and meet Florida’s great powerlifting people. Event went well, big thanks for Brian and his great Orlando Barbell team.

I’ve been on a diet for about three months and dropped my body weight to class 125 kg / 275 lbs. The competition scale showed 124,4 kg / 274 lbs for me. It is over four years when I pulled in 125 kg class last time.

The day was very long, but feeling was ok. I took only two lifts, because my deadlift suit was too loose. I pulled with this suit last time in 140kg / 308 lbs class. Start weight was easy 320 kg about 700 lbs. My goal in this competition was 340 kg, because the World record is 338 kg in the 125 kg Master 2 class. When I heard, the world records are not approved in state championships, I changed the plan and pulled like I feel. So, after the easy start I wanted 365 kg, little bit over 800 lbs to the bar. It was ok and after that feeling was good.

It is long time when I pulled first time 365 kg / 800 lbs or more, it was 1994 in the gym and 1997 in the competition.