Competition (World Championship AWPC 2014)

my first competition in a single-layer gear
and my first competition of this magnitude…
I loved the decor in the competition.
the only drawback was the warm-up and lack of dressing room πŸ˜€
a warm-up: because in my gym no monolift, here I had to get used to it.. I took a turn, came to make the attempt, and suddenly ran what that man and began to squat with that weight, with whom I had to squat. eventually had to re-do knee wraps, I did approach 140 kg and 175 kg, and immediately went to the platform.
I had a strong anger as in all competitions πŸ˜€ , but sometimes it is a serious obstacle… I made one attempt of 175 kg, stood up, but I was very unsettled and the attempt was not counted.. I became hysterical, I thought that now I can not do any one approach… 2 attempt, I dropped the barbell on insurers πŸ˜€
3 attempt was perfect … And I set a world record in the squat. But I was the only person in this competition which squats sumo, so after the judge came up to me and said that he did not understand was parallel or not! (but it was! Ano said so πŸ˜€ )
On the bench press I do not put your ass on the bench at first attempt, so I had to repeat the weight on the second try .. finally did bench 100 kg, it is very easy and with a large margin (10-15 kg, I think)
Deadlift was excellent!
I started with a small weight, in order to guarantee to collect the title of “International Master of Sports” 140 kg, 155 kg (world record) 165 kg (world record) made ​​an attempt at 180 kg and could not endure to the end …
amount collected 440 kg – a world record.
ranked first among the girls, the first place in my division and second place in the absolute superiority of women.
Of course I was not summoned to doping control! (it’s the law of meanness) and I had to pay quite a large sum in order to pass the doping control and my records have become a reality.before going pass the doping control, I borrowed a team member Mongolia piece of chalk Hand …
when I came back, the entire team of Mongolia rubbed them: D coach joked, “Now you turn your back, and the Mongols put on your gear”
I and members of the team Mongolia confused water bottles XD ( I hope they do not add to their water πŸ˜€ )
it was funny, still they said that I have a good bench press πŸ˜€ they also speak English badly, as I πŸ˜€
with people from other countries is much more interesting to talk than with the Russians. Russians are idiots))
I really want to go to such events more often πŸ™‚