It was first time in Azerbaijan. The Baku was very interesting and great town. The venue was nice and all went well.

I competed in single deadlift and my coal was to break my own WR 365 kilos.

On saturday my body weight was 133,1 kilos and feeling was strong.. so I was ready to compete on sunday..

I used 1 ply METAL King briefs and METAL Jack Sumo deadlift suit. Robert and Anna McClockey with my wife Minna helped me. Warming up went well and iron felt light.

First lift was easy 325 kilos.
Second was 365,5 kilos WR and it felt easier than the first lift.
Third was WR 387,5 kilos / 850 lbs and it was also great pull. So, I have now one European Chapionship more.

Big thanks for Anna, Robert and Minna. Also I want to thank Aladin Aliyev and all Azerbaijan team. It was great to meet you.